Whic kind of Bisexual you are?

I did a research about bisexual during my spare time, the Western countries already studied this topic in depth, and well classified the bisexual. Now I want to have a discuss with you guys, to see how many categories we can classify the bisexual into:

1 . Pansexual

I believe this word is not strange to most people, it's also known as Postmodern Sexuality. This class contains extensive crowds, it mainly refers to the ones who accept all sexual orientations on their ideas. However, for the activities of these people, this class contains all sexual orientations, such as homo, hetero and bi, it mainly refers to the open-minded people.

2 . Bi-permissive

This group mainly refers to the ones who stay in a single heterosexual or homosexual state for a long time, but does not rule out the possibility of bisexual. They do not actively seek bisexual relationships, but if they meet the right person by chance, they would like to try the other kind of relationship.

3 . Ambisexual

This group mainly refers to the ones who would have certain extent of interests in people of all sexual orientations. They would be attracted by all kinds of characteristics of other's, such as body, sexuality, manners, temperament, spirit, knowledge and emotion etc, without considering the gender factor. The biggest difference comparing with the pansexual is that the ambisexual people emphasize on accepting all kinds of sexual orientations through their behaviors, such as having sex with all sexual orientation people.

4 . Bi-curious

This group mainly refers to the heterosexual who is interested in trying the bisexual, they usually regard the bisexual as a kind of sexual experience while the heterosexual life is still their center. They often refuse to be regarded as homosexual.

5 . Trisexual

This group mainly refers to bisexual who would also accept the transvestites and the transgenders. Their often have a demanding aesthetic requirement, the gender is not a problem to them if the opposite is pretty enough.

6 . Passively Bi

This group only refers to the bisexual or bi-curious who have few times of sex or relationships with the same gender accidentally, could also refers to the ones who like threesome, could also refers to the ones who had sex with the same gender under the special circumstances, such as jail, army or girls school these kinds of single gender circumstances. What's more, it could also refers to the heterosexual who is attracted by a certain one of the same gender. Most people of this group turned to heterosexual eventually.

7 . Actively Bi

This group mainly refers to the heterosexual and Bi-curious who would actively seeking for bisexual relationships, they have a balance need for the same gender and other gender, keeping their dual sexual life.

8 . Indirectly Bi
This group only refers to the heterosexual or homosexual who would like to have the spiritual love with the same or other gender rather then having physical relationships. They can date with others but keep a single sexual behavior.

9 . Asexual

This mainly refers to the group who have no interests to anyone, we could also divide them into three categories:

a . Nonsexuality: Refers to the ones who have no interests to sex, and have no sex in their entire life. There is the possibility that they could have spiritual love with others.

b . Passive sexual: They can accept the sexual behaviors, but they are cold feeling physically and difficult to be excited. They have bland attitude towards sex.

c . Mental & Physical Frigid: To put it simply, they have no interests to the people itself. They often addict to substances or their hobbies, and they are a group of people without spiritual love and sexual life.

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